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Učitelé Lhamo a Wančuk byli na praxi v ČR

Chceme umožnit učitelům naší školy spoustu inspirace a proto jsme se rozhodli pozvat do české republiky dva progresivní učitele Wančuka a Lhamo. Ti byli v ČR jeden měsíc od 22. 1. do 24. 2. 2016. Učitelé strávily čtyři týdny praxí v international school kde je povede Martina Řehůřková, koordinátor akademických dobrovolníků Brontosaurů v Himálajích. Martina Řehůřková vedla třitýdenní praxi ředitele Norboo v průběhu dubna 2015 ve stejné škole a protože byl jeho pobyt úspěšný pozvali jsme Wančuka a Norbooa. Níže si můžete přečíst jak Wančuk a Lhamo hodnotí jejich pobyt v ČR.
We are very happy that we fulfilled our goal here in Czech. The month we spent here were full of curiosity, and full of new experiences and opportunities. I would like to share you one by one from our very beginning of journey to back to home.
In the beginning it was tough for us in Delhi, as we didn't get our VISA easily and had to stay there for 18 days. But the moment after we arrived here in Czech was incredible, I felt like my home town as the people we met and lived with was generous and kind.

We joint the School, International School of Ostrava on 25th of Jan. and I was moved by the action taken by the senior school student to raise the fund to help the immigrants by selling cakes, sweets etc. on the very first day. I spent my most of time with the teachers of Class 1st - Class 6th. And every teacher had different methods of teaching, management and organization. And having one teacher for every subjects for a class was  wonderful too, as it can enable the teacher to understand different levels of student's perception and on the other hand its boring for the students too as they can see only one face every time for the whole year.

And for the encouragement for the students having 2-4 houses is wonderful, as the teacher can increase and decrease a house point on basis of their improvement, behavior, active participation and achievements, which i would like to do the same. And starting the class by speaking on moral education and reminding them about class room rules and regulations is wonderful and shall be needed same in my class. And selecting a student for "STAR OF THE WEEK" is also motivating for a student itself. And dividing task to different student in a class is also awesome.I spent my days with most of the teacher and attend every subjects including arts, music etc. I learnt too many new methods which i'll not specify now.

I liked to project IPC, which is studying about different culture, tradition, religion, science, technology and different topic like " Why Dinosaur were extinct" etc.
Here the school has very good access to internet, and a teacher can enable to do whatever he want to teach and do with very ease. And the internet in my school is not good..., so I would like to work on "Britannica Encyclopaedia" hardware, which is offline and can able to search everything and can enable to display images and videos too. I would like to have my classes activity based and be organize  a small exhibition by inviting guests or parents.

I would like to have a class there in my school in which every resources and equipment are in place which class can use by any teacher at any time. I have many worksheets and eBooks downloaded with me, on which I'll be working. I am also working on VEDIC MATHEMATICS which is very simple and creative for Maths.

Shortly, We were with Alena, she took us for short seeing to Buno and its historical palaces, day just after we were with Kamila and  Pavel they took us to an  Ice Hockey Match it was fun as Praha won the match by 5 :1, we were supporting to praha as we were in Praha at that time :D
We also met with Martin and Kate, we had a lunch together. And today We and Jitka were in the mountains for skying, fortunately we are safe. :)

It was fun though, she helped and taught us for a couple of times, and then we manage to do our own, she is very good teacher...for me.It was very  wonderful experienced here.


I was all the time with kindergarten teachers,they were knowledgeable, skillful and helpful too.I spent my very time with them playing with kids and learning new methods of teaching and organization. They were working on the wall displays from which the student can learn joyfully and can remember the same,which i too liked to do the same.For their practical learning they usually take them to outdoor trip for e.g, salt cave and different parks for their refreshment. They have better resources,equipment and  all those requirements for teaching better and can make it ease too.

They usually have activities or games just after every lesson,so that students can enable to remember it.In English they usually working on a program jolly phonic,which is very creative and helpful,as would i like to work on. They celebrated their Birthdays together festivals and occasions together which was very motivated for me and the program IPC is creatively.

They have better access to internet, which can enable a teacher to teach a lesson creative and innovative and on the same students can learn with fun and enjoyment. I was working with Martina for making curriculum for the half of the year.and will be working with her to make it more interesting. I will be giving my full effort to make my classes more enjoyable and creative by working on what I learnt from here.