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Historie podporovatelů rozvoje školy před našim příchodem do školy

Ground floor of old building:- The ground floor of the old building was the first ever building of Spring Dales Public School constructed in 1992 purely with the generous donations from the then members of Lamdon Social Welfare Society, Wakha-Mulbekh. Members and parents voluntarily worked as labours to build this building. This building consists of 5 classrooms as the school was opened at that time as a primary school (1st to 5th classes) only. Later on,South corner room at first floor was built as the principal and staff office.

First floor of the old building:-  In the next few years depending upon availability of funds they started building other 03 rooms on the first floor of the old building used as 02 classrooms and 01 store room.

Assembly Hall:- Assembly hall was built in the year   ???    as a cultural preservation hall by then local government  which is being used by the school as assembly hall along with using it for cultural and theatre shows. It was built with the financial assistance of then local government.

Ground floor of new building:- The ground floor of new building was built in 2004 with the financial assistance of then Member of Parliament, Govt of India, Mr Hassan Khan. This floor consists of four big rooms for middle classes (6th to 8th  classes) and one room as computer room. Spring Dales Public School was upgraded to middle school in 2003 and since then middle classes are being conducted in this block along with primary classes in the old building.

First floor of the new building:- New principal office was built at the west corner of the first floor of the new building where now we have computer room. It was built with the generous financial assistance of then Minority Councillor, Mr Tsewang Namgyal, also founder  member of Lamdon Social Welafre Society, Wakha-Mulbekh. In 2006, other adjacent classrooms were built with the financial assistance of then Member of Parliament, Mr Thupstan Tsewang, Govt of India. These classrooms were built for higher classes (9th – 10th classes) as Spring Dales Public School was upgraded to high school in 2006.

Library Room:- Library was built in summer 2008, when a volunteer Mr Willy Oppenheim, Om Prakash Foundation,  New York donated hundreds of recycled books in March 2008 which lead us to build this small library with donations from local community along with voluntary labour work.

Ground Floor of Pre Primary Block:- In 2008-2009, Ms Kristiane Rousin, President, Himalayan Dialect, France visited our school and decided to fund ground floor of the Nursery/Pre-Primary block. This block consists of two big classrooms for LKG and UKG along with a play room in the middle of these two classes.  Since 2008-2009, we had started admitting kids in LKG and UKG with huge response from the parents leading to a huge success.

First floor of Pre-Primary Block (Administrative Block):-After 10 years of long patience and hard work finally in 2010, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama confirmed his visit to our school in September 2010. In view of the visit and due to urgent need of a rest room for his Holiness and other VVIPs, with the generous financial assistance of the local people and local government/Administration, Kargil, we managed to construct the first floor well before September 2010 and we had a very successful visit of His Holiness not only once but twice in the same month as His Holiness was very much happy with our progress despite many hardships and obstacles. This administrative block now consists of new principal office, meeting room and rest room.

Solar Electricity power plant:-   In 2011, KREDA(Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency) supported Spring Dales Public School by installing 10KWH capacity solar power plant in the school campus to fulfil its need of electricity that too very Eco friendly and sustainable source of clean energy.  KREDA also built a building meant for battery storage and maintenance along with rooms for the caretaker.  

New Passive Solar Hostel Block:- Since 2011, with the generous donations from Hnuti Brontosaurus, Czech Republic  we are in process of building a residential hostel for the students of far flung areas of district Kargil. This hostel consists of bedrooms, store rooms, bathrooms, common hall with maximum capacity of 30 students. Targeted deadline for finishing construction of this hostel is October 2012.

New Passive Solar Classroom Block:- In summer 2012, a new block of classrooms based on Eco friendly passive solar technology will be built with the generous donations from The  Dalai Lama Trust, New York (His Holiness The Dalai Lama) for the primary classes. It consists of two big and two small classrooms with maximum capacity of 32 and 20 students respectively. In the near future, Science Laboratory, Library and Computer Lab will be built on the first floor of this classroom block.

Office cum Meeting hall of Lamdon Social Welfare Society, Wakha – Mulbekh:- In summer 2012, LSWS by using the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, is building its temporary office cum meeting hall by reusing the materials from the old school building which is being demolished this year for the construction of new classroom block.